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Medium and high barrier laminates

Depending on the product requirements for shelf life, method of packaging and storage, we offer laminate with medium or high barrier.

Our medium and high barrier laminates are two- or three-layered structures. Our proposed structure for a medium barrier laminate is PA//LDPE and BOPET//PE/EVOH/PE. The first structure is appropriate for products such as maturing and yellow cheese  and the second is appropriate for cottage cheese packaging.

Both, the escape and the penetration of gas into the package has a great influence on product shelf life. EVOH layer can extend this period. A heat sealing layer of high barrier laminate is a coextruded PE film comprising in their structure the EVOH layer being a barrier to gases and water.

High barrier laminates can be used under modified atmosphere MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packing).

These laminates are design as top web film, which can perform with the option of easy-peel, anti-fog, open-close and UV blocker.

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