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Medium and high barrier laminates

Top web films


Top web film closes the container in a sealed manner. It protects products such as meat, sliced meats and cheeses against decay.

It also serves to maintain such conditions inside the pack to prolong freshness and preserve the quality of the food. It includes EVOH layer which provides a barrier to gases.
Most popular film structures used in the production of top web films is PET//PE and  OPA//PE and they are offered transparent as well as a full print up to 10 colours.
Depending on the type of product to be packaged we can adjust sealing properties of the top web film by offering options like peel, open-close or lock seal. Moreover, upon request following are available:

  • Anti-fog additive that reduces the effect of condensation of water from the inner side of the lid.
  • UV additive – protects the product from UV rays
  • Coloured films


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