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About us

About us

Bogucki Folie is a family company founded in 1983, initially focusing on the sealing of plastic carrier bags. Commitment, hard work and smart investments transformed Bogucki Folie into a modern, top-of-the-range specialist in the production of various polyethylene films. We guarantee short lead times due to large production capacity, in-house preparation of printing plates and professional assistance of the customer during the implementation of new work. We are also the logistics partner; we have our own means of transportation and a warehouse for 3,000 pallets.  We constantly modernize our machine park and improve our techniques. Years of experience have contributed to a significant expansion of our knowledge of film extrusion, which has resulted in higher quality products that are being delivered to the most recognizable brands in the world. Currently we produce about 27,000 tonnes of film per year for local and foreign markets.

Company’s history:

  • In 1983, the company Bogucki Folie starts with sealing advertising bags from previously purchased films.
  • The first extruding machine has been purchased in 1985.
  • 5 years later in 1990, the company began production of HDPE carrier bags and HDPE bags intended for contact with food.
  • In 1992  the machine for flexographic printing has been purchased, expanding the product offer by printed films being of interest to the growing number of customers.
  • In 1995, company Bogucki Folie starts production of collation shrink film for industrial and food products.
  • In 1998 the machine park grows about the first machine extruding 3-layer film for packaging, shrink and laminating.
  • In 2001 the company implements it’s own graphic studio prepress and printing plates production.
  • By 2004, Bogucki Folie is certified and implements  quality management system ISO 9001.
  • The year 2008 was a period of intense plant expansion and investment, thereby creating high-bay warehouse.
  • In 2010 Bogucki Folie becomes a leader in Central and Eastern Europe market for collation shrink film.  Also at the same time takes over another company which becomes its the second production location.  BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials quality certificate is being granted.
  • In 2012, a graphic design studio is enriched by image setter CDI to HD FLEXO, and in
  • 2013 the company installs the machine capable of extruding 5-layer collation shrink film and films for lamination.
  • Another pertinent investment was launched in 2014  production: line for wicket bags  for bread packing and frozen poultry.
  • 2015  A modern line for the production of 9-layered barrier films has been launched.
  • The year 2016 is marked by intensive development of infrastructure both production and office space.
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