modern barrier sealable films


B-CLEAR HB is a modern barrier sealable film based on polypropylene.

It has an anti-fog function as standard, which enables its use as a in lid laminates for trays.

Dedicated to PP trays with LOCK SEAL effect.


B-CLEAR HB + is a barrier sealable film based on polypropylene with a modified sealable layer.

Provides the possibility of welding to MONO A-PET trays with the LOCK SEAL effect.

Available as standard with anti-fog function.


B CLEAR HB and B CLEAR HB + are flat-slot extruded cPP films, where the molten material is pressed through a flat die and poured over a cooled cylinder.

We offer innovative solutions for mono-material upper films for recyclable trays.

B CLEAR HB is a proposal of foil for the PP tray, and B CLEAR HB + is a proposal of foil for the A-PET tray.

Polypropylene is one of the two most commonly used plastics, next to polyethylene.

We want to develop the market of plastics: PP and PET, which can be fully recycled.


Properties of B CLEAR HB and B CLEAR HB + films are:

– recyclable,

– very good mechanical parameters,

– excellent processability.


The structures of the B CLEAR HB and B CLEAR HB + films have been designed taking into account the high-barrier EVOH layer and with the addition of anti-fog.

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Excellent weldability, high gloss and good mechanical properties of our laminates! Any structure can be printed in 10 colours/150 lpi (HD flexo technology)