At Bogucki Folie we offer high-quality films adapted to key packaging systems. Our product is a guarantee of preserving the taste, form, properties and aroma of packaged goods.



Oferowana przez nas folia termokurczliwa charakteryzuje się w zależności od potrzeb linii pakującej wysokim połyskiem, przeźroczystością lub matem i zapewnia stabilność opakowania zbiorczego. Jej łatwość przetwarzania na liniach pakujących zapewnia wydajność bez przestojów.

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The food sector is extremely demanding, especially in the context of plastic packaging security. Our company is able to meet all the imposed requirements, thanks to which we offer a range of products included in the film packaging.

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Household appliances

Film is widely used also in products for everyday life. That is why we meet the expectations of consumers and offer film for hygienic and cosmetic products as well as soil bags.

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Our films guarantee freshness and long shelf life of pet food. They are mainly used as packaging for dry dog and cat food, cat litter, rodent and fish food as well as bird seed.

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We have the possibility of making both transparent and tinted films in any colour. Films are made according to the individual customer’s needs, primarily taking into account their final use.

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Vacuum bags

Our offer includes vacuum bags for universal use. We make vacuum bags with barrier PA/PA film and laminates. Bags made of PA/PE film will be perfect for packaging products in a vacuum and as universal bags. However, laminated bags can be made in full printing. We have the option of making easy open cuts and “EURO” holes.

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Wicket bags

The bags produced by us are adapted to work on fast packing machines. Their high transparency and gloss ensure a good exposure of the packed bread. The bags are made of LDPE or cPP film.

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Industrial films

Our industrial films are characterized by a multi-layered structure that provides durability and proper rigidity. It is possible to pack large objects, because we can produce a tape with a width of up to 2600 mm or a sleeve/half-sleeve with a maximum circumference of 5200 mm.

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