With decades of experience in film production, we are well aware that our customers are looking for low-cost, efficient and innovative solutions, while maintaining high quality and uniformity of products.


We make every effort so that our offer meets international standards, taking into account the individual needs of customers and the requirements of the fast-developing market. Our work is based on three key pillars of our Quality Policy:



  • Our quality management system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 and BRC Packaging Materials which guarantee health safety products and their delivery of consistently high quality. Our 2019 BRC Certificate and CERTIFICATE ISO
  • We limit the negative impact on the environment by reducing waste and emissions and take care of safe and healthy working conditions.


Continuous improvement

  • We constantly improve our working methods . We learn from both successes and failures.
  • Awereness of the issues is an opportunity for development. We are committed to technological and organizational development. Use of the highest quality materials ensures reliable execution of orders and enables continuous enrichment of product and service.



  • We are all responsible for the maintenance and improvement of existing standards.
  • We value the championship. We belive that everyone is responsible for their own development as well as for the development of their colleagues.


General terms and conditions – GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS
Terms od warranty and claims for film – DT 2 TERMS OF WARRANTY AND CLAIMS FOR FILM
Terms of warranty and claims for packaging – DT 2 TERMS OF WARRANTY AND CLAIMS FOR PACKAGING
Terms of warranty and claims for wicket and vaccum pocket – DT 2 TERMS OF WARRANTY AND CLAIMS FOR WICKET AND VACCUM POCKET BAG