The services we offer to our customers also include heat sealing and confectionery. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can cut, heat seal, perforate or laminate film.

Our heat sealing department is equipped with:

– 2 machines for heat sealing Wicket bags from LDPE, cPP film (with or without print) with the possibility of macroperforation and various types of bottoms

– 2 machines for heat sealing 3-sided bags from PA/PE film and type PET/PE, OPP/PE Laminates


  • the possibility of making EASY OPEN cuts
  • the possibility of making EURO holes



  • the possibility of making bags with a string of multiple opening and closing
  • the possibility of making bags of the type STAND UP POUCH

The confectionery/cutting department is equipped with:

3 Jurmet bobbin cutting machines and SOMA bobbin cutting machine

manipulators for transferring rolls from cutting machines to pallets

perforators for packaging with ZIPACK heat shrink film

crane for moving large bobbins from extrusion machines to pallets

It is worth noting that as the only film manufacturer in Poland, we have the possibility to produce film in the patented Zipack system, which is used by the largest companies from the beverage sector in the world. Film with a system allowing an easy division of multipack into smaller sections is an innovative packaging method that saves money due to the lower amount of film used.