We have our own DTP studio dealing in the preparation of materials for printing received from customers. Our specialized team of graphic artists and technologists uses the latest GMG software and high quality photopolymer production equipment. Thanks to that, we guarantee high quality graphics and repeatable prints. We provide implementation of projects at every stage, from adapting graphic files to the requirements of flexographic printing to the production of photopolymer printing matrices.

The stages of printing on the film:

  1. Receipt of the project from the customer
  2. Project adaptation by the DTP studio
  3. Acceptance of the project by the customer
  4. Proof print – very similar to the final effect
  5. Acceptance of the proof by the customer
  6. Production of photopolymer plates
  7. Printing the design on the film

What we have:

  • production line for photopolymer plates
  • CTP imagesetter
  • devices for producing printing forms