Flower soil bags

worki na ziemie do kwiatow produkt

PACKSTAR BC – it is a co-extruded, two-coloured LDPE film with a thickness of 55-80 μm. This is our solution dedicated to packing substrates and garden soil.

The special construction of the film enables to weld both:

  • Inner-inner sides
  • Inner-outer sides.


Thanks to the appropriate film design, we ensure easy and quick film travel on the FLOW-PACK tube and we protect the bags from sliding off one another on a pallet. In addition, the film is enriched with UV additive, preventing yellowing of the film. We also print on black and white film.


VERSA-LAM BC – a laminate, made of LDPE film. A special design ensures durability of the colours and the film itself. The laminate adapted to work on FLOW-PACK machines. The laminate is weldable on the sides:

  • inner-inner sides
  • inner-outer sides.


We have developed a special formula for this laminate, so that the outer film structure prevents sliding off filled bags on the pallet.