Our Technology Department consists of seven qualified employees, thanks to whom we are able to create newer and more innovative applications. Continuous improvement allows us to meet our customers’ expectations even more.

Our own laboratory enables us to conduct a series of tests before we introduce a product for sale. Each product undergoes a number of quality control tests at every stage of the production process. We know the importance of safety and quality, which is why we carefully check each film before we issue it to the customer.

The main tasks of the Technology Department include:


  • analysis of the customer’s needs
  • searching for innovative solutions among raw material suppliers
  • development of new film recipes and packaging structures
  • service and technical advice at the implementation stage and during further cooperation
  • tracking standards and market trends in the flexible packaging industry
  • improvement of production processes

In our laboratory we use equipment such as:

  • optical microscope for analysis of film thickness
  • device for precise offline thickness measurement
  • heat sealing machine for cold seal testing and HOT-TACK
  • testing machine
  • device for measuring the degree and strength of shrinkage of film
  • gas chromatograph for the measurement of solvent retention
  • barcode verifier
  • roll machine for thermoformability analysis